The accessibility of a system is essential in order to use
all the available functions. With this specific goal in mind, VISIONLAB has created EASYTOUCH.
EASYTOUCH is a video interface carefully studied in all its aspects: size of the buttons, graphics placement, iconography, and colours. Thanks to the top-notch definition of these features, EASYTOUCH grants an easy access to all functions, plus simplicity and directness. With EASYTOUCH, operators can interact with VISIONLAB systems rapidly and safely without wasting time and avoiding improper or wring procedures. EASYTOUCH is available on all systems designed by VISIONLAB.


The lighting system is the most important device in machine vision systems. For this reason VISIONLAB has developed a lighting system with integrated optical circuits
named FLEDS (Flexible Led System). FLEDS combines the latest LED technology available on the market
with the high performance of integrated optical systems specifically designed to obtain a uniform illumination even in case of material instability. FLEDS’ architecture allows multiple configurations depending on the surface to be inspected, such as transparent, reflective or coloured materials. FLEDS is also provided for the illumination with different wavelengths.


VISIONLAB has developed a unique modular platform for all products systems. This platform, called VLABCORE, is made of a main processing unit to which all the peripheral units connect, as many as the system needs. VLABCORE allows a high flexibility in configuration and the possibility to connect with every external device in order to exchange information during and about the production. VLABCORE can be perfectly integrated with existing lines or designed for specific applications, with high-level performance requirements.