The philosophy that constantly guides VISIONLAB in the design of its products is the implementation of systems, specifically designed for the industry, and with a high technological profile, but nonetheless trying to limit costs.
For this reason VISIONLAB takes into great consideration the research of the new technologies available on the market.
Each new component is selected paying attention to the technical specifications of the final product. Each component previously undergoes rigorous specific tests to ensure its proper functionality.
In addition to the selection of components, VISIONLAB creates user-friendly solutions, such as the latest-generation HMI interfaces, and hardware designed for an integration that minimizes changes in the production lines.
VISIONLAB systems also ensure a long life and minimal routine maintenance in order to contain the operating costs.
Careful attention is also paid to the academic world, thanks to long-term partnerships with polytechnic institutes and other research realities (Department of Mathematics and Engineering University of Padua), and University spin-offs.
Thanks to these collaborations and synergies, VISIONLAB is now recognized as BETA-TESTER of many leaders in computer vision companies, and has therefor established excellent working relationships with the main distributors of machine vision components and hardware systems.