The VLABMACS system is a totally new product for the converting market. By using two in-line video cameras, the register between print on one side and adhesive on the other can be constantly monitored. The two video cameras are perfectly aligned and synchronized. They have the job of checking the register marks on one side and ensuring they are correctly aligned to the register marks from the printed image on the other side. The measurements are detailed on two charts and show the longitudinal and transverse alignment. The system can automatically correct the register by direct control of the printing machine itself, instruct a labeling machine to apply a label to any sheet rejected because of a detected register defect, or left to allow the machine operator to carry out correction manually.
A large screen shows both images acquired, enabling the machine operator to evaluate visually the alignment of the register. The image relating to the seal is pre-elaborated using a sophisticated algorithm to highlight the edge of the seal, which would otherwise remain invisible.